The Visibility of TUBA Breast Augmentation Scars By Constance M. Barone, M.D. on December 29, 2016

TUBA Breast AugmentationTransumbilical breast augmentation is ideal for patients who wish to have saline breast implants placed. This procedure creates a single incision within the navel rather than more noticeable incision patterns on the breasts. This ensures minimal and well-hidden scarring. Dr. Constance Barone can help patients understand what to expect with TUBA breast augmentation scars during the consultation process at our San Antonio, TX plastic surgery center.

TUBA Breast Augmentation Scars vs. Other Incision Techniques

With transumbilical breast augmentation, or TUBA, Dr. Barone places a single, discreet incision in the navel. The unfilled implants are then inserted through that incision and into the breast area, either above or below the chest muscle. The incision is closed with sutures after the implants are filled with the saline solution. Both implants are placed through just one incision.

Other Incision Techniques

Other techniques, typically needed for silicone implants, require more extensive incision techniques. This results in more extensive scarring. These techniques create incisions either within the breast crease of each breast or around the areola of each breast.

Proper Incision Care

Caring for your incision following your TUBA is the best way to ensure minimal scarring. Although the incision is well hidden within the navel, improper care could lead to complications and some visibility. In the days and weeks following your surgery, you should thoroughly clean the incision and keep it dry. This will help prevent infection, which can worsen scarring. You should also make sure you use proper protection to prevent direct sun exposure. Without proper protection, your scar will not fade as much as it can.

Potential for Additional Incisions and Scars

As with any surgery, there is a small risk for complications with TUBA. Prior to surgery, Dr. Barone may discuss alternate incision options in the event that complications arise during TUBA. Another common placement strategy for silicone implants is transaxillary, or through the armpit.

If complications arise, you could end up with more noticeable scars than originally planned. Fortunately, the risk for complications is low and Dr. Barone’s experience further minimizes any risks. In most cases, if a rupture occurs, Dr. Barone can remove and replace the implant through the same incision. Under limited circumstances, she may need to create a secondary incision to complete this process.

Should you decide later on that you would prefer silicone breast implants instead, the replacement procedure will require additional incisions. This is because silicone implants are pre-filled to a specific size. Therefore, Dr. Barone must create incisions large enough through which the silicone implant can fit.

Discuss Potential Scarring with Dr. Barone

Dr. Barone will address all your concerns, including those regarding scars, during your consultation. She will explain in detail all potential incisions and the extent of scarring so you can decide which option is best for you. If you are concerned about visible scarring, the TUBA placement technique is probably the best option because the scar is nearly invisible. To learn more about breast augmentation scarring, contact our plastic surgery center today to schedule a consultation.

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