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Dr. Constance Barone

Plastic Surgery in Your 50s Can Rejuvenate Your Appearance

By Constance M. Barone, M.D. on August 01, 2017

Picasso once said, “Youth has no age.” While we get older, many of us still feel young at heart, and want our appearance to reflect our inner vitality. If you are in your fifties, and preparing for your next stage of life, a cosmetic procedure can turn back the clock and take a decade or more off your appearance. Here are some of the best facial treatments to consider in your fifties, that will keep looking as young as you feel.

Eyelid lift: Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can be performed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fat pads around the eyes, which can make one look tired and much older than they are. With eyelid surgery, excess skin is removed to create a more rested, rejuvenated look. A brow lift may also be performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery to help correct the appearance of sagging brows. For those experiencing sagging, tired looking eyes, an eyelid and brow lift are cosmetic solutions which will leave patients looking as bright-eyed as they feel.

Neck lift: Another common area of concern for patients in their 50s is hanging and sagging neck skin. Neck lifts are highly effective at eliminating excess neck tissue to create a youthful, contoured neck. If you are bothered by excess fat below the chin area neck liposuction is another highly effective solution; it creates sharper angles in the lower face and improves jaw definition.

Facelift: When it comes to the face, when we look in the mirror, we want to see our best selves. To create a more rejuvenated look, there are different types of facelifts designed to address the varying needs of each patient. Midface lift surgery is one of the most common choices for patients in their 50s. Midface lift surgery corrects areas between the mid and lower facial region to improve the appearance of nasolabial folds and jowls. Other types of facelifts include the basic, extended, and limited incision techniques, all of which can tighten the facial tissue to create a more youthful appearance.

Dermal Fillers: Sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and loss of facial volume are some of the side effects of aging during your 50s. Luckily, injectable fillers are designed to fill in facial lines and create a more youthful-looking appearance. This non-invasive procedure plumps up sunken areas of the face and adds volume as well as smooths out deep creases.

Ultimately, we all want to age gracefully. The fifties are a milestone for many: it’s a time when the kids may be out of the nest, couples are preparing for retirement, and many of us feel a new lease on life. What better way to start this period with a boost of confidence, and some well-deserved self-care? Fortunately, with some simple cosmetic surgeries, clients can look as young as they still feel. For more information on best body procedures for those in their 50s, stay tuned for my next blog post!



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