The New Look of Natural (and the Treatments that can Help) By Constance M. Barone, M.D. on November 03, 2017

If Orange is the new Black, Natural is the new Glam. Today, women are going for a more “make-under” look, accenting their natural features. To get this fresher, more natural look, it’s important to avoid caking on the makeup, opting for a fake-tan, or over-accessorizing with loud jewelry. With a natural look, it’s all about simplicity and letting your born features shine. Luckily, with some non-invasive treatments, you can rock that authentic look with newfound confidence. 


One “lunch-time procedure” available to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful is a microdermabrasion facial treatment. For anyone with dull skin, hyper-pigmentation, enlarged or clogged pores, this treatment can be game-changing. Micro-treatments are also one of those instant-gratification treatments: you can see the results immediately. With this pain-free treatment, we exfoliate the top layer of your skin, removing unwanted dead cells and debris. Clogged pore plugs are lifted from the pore openings as well. This dull and lusterless material is then lifted off of your top layer of skin, leaving you with a fresh, clean, bright complexion. The micro-circulatory stimulation can also aid in rebuilding collagen in the skin, giving you a bright and natural glow. 

Moisturize? A Must 

Gertrude Stein once said, “We are always the same age inside.” Of her many quotable remarks, this one still rings true today. Unfortunately, while you may be still young at heart, your skin may not reflect this. As we age, gravity and exposure takes a toll. In order to fight aging, a daily moisturizer is an absolute must. At my skin care center, we sell a Glycolic Moisturizing Cleanser, packed with Vitamins A, C and E. We also sell a daily Restorative Moisturizer with antioxidants and phyto-stem cells to incite cell rejuvenation. By choosing the right products to wash and moisturize your face with, you can keep it looking fresh and vital. Your skin with have a natural flush (and not require loads of blush to achieve it).

Fillers are your Friend 

When it comes to preserving and enhancing the shape of your face, fillers are your friend. As we age, we often lose volume and tone to our face. Dermal fillers rejuvenate the face by filling in areas of volume loss. If you notice your once-prominent cheekbones deflating, fillers can provide a defined curvature, and add shape to the face. They fill the trouble areas with collagen, which helps to stimulate collagen growth in the face as well as plump and lift the skin to replace collagen loss. Best of all, fillers are injected using small needles; no surgery is required. Fillers can also be used to enhance natural features, be it a softer brow or plumper lips. 

Ultimately, we all want to look our best selves. This sometimes means showing off what makes us look individual and unique. If you want to accentuate your natural beauty, certain minimal treatments can help you go make-up free with newfound confidence. After all, when you work with, as opposed to against, your features, you get better results. With micro-treatments, daily moisturizing, and fillers, you can achieve that fresh, authentic look you desire.. and leave the heavy concealer at home!

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Dr. Constance Barone

Dr. Constance Barone

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