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Facelift Surgery

Sagging and wrinkling are a natural part of the aging process. However, these concerns can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Dr. Constance Barone is a board-certified plastic surgeon in San Antonio, TX, who can perform facelift surgery to provide dramatic yet natural-looking results.

Why should you consider facelift surgery?

There are several types of facelifts...

Facelift San Antonio

Facelift, or rhytidectomy, can improve visible signs of aging on the face by tightening facial muscles, removing excess fat, and redraping the skin of the face and neck. Facelift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures because it effectively addresses several problems that can affect the face as we age, among them:

  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Deep creases between the nose and mouth
  • Jowls around the jaw line
  • Excess fat and folds around the neck

A facelift can give the entire face a refreshed, more youthful appearance by tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other effects of the natural aging process. And, when combined with other procedures such as eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, or brow lift, you can achieve a total facial makeover that can make you look and feel years younger. Dr. Constance Barone is a skilled surgeon who combines artistic expertise with technical precision to create beautiful, natural-looking results. 

QuickLift® Surgery Testimonial (Part One)

Dr. Constance Barone reviews the QuickLift® procedure, which targets the bottom third of the face and leaves very minimal scarring.

Your Initial Consultation

During your initial facelift consultation, Dr. Constance Barone will conduct an evaluation of your face, paying particular attention to your skin and the underlying bone structure. She will also ask if you have any medical conditions such as uncontrolled high blood pressure, problems with blood clotting, or a tendency to scar easily. Dr. Barone encourages patients to be honest and forthright about whether they smoke and/or are taking any medications or drugs, including aspirin.

It is important that the initial consult is a frank discussion between you and Dr. Barone in order to avoid problems or complications with the surgery down the road. Dr. Barone will also take this opportunity to be equally honest with you about all aspects of the procedure, including risks and possible alternatives, plastic surgery costs and financing information, and how best to meet your goals.

A facial closeup of a woman with smooth skin, dark eyebrows, closed eyes, and dark nude-colored lipstick.
We can tighten the underlying muscles and remove excess fat to restore a more youthful appearance.

Pre-Operative Preparation

Dr. Barone will provide you with guidelines on what to eat and drink before the surgery, as well as which medications or vitamins and supplements to take and which to avoid. Our San Antonio facelift surgeon will also advise you to arrange for someone to drive you home, and possibly stay with you for a day or two after the surgery. If you have very short hair, it also may benefit you to grow it out before surgery, as that can hide the scars while they heal.

The Procedure

Facelift can be performed as an outpatient or inpatient procedure at our new surgery center or in one of our affiliated hospitals in the San Antonio area. The patient is typically given local anesthesia combined with a sedative, although general anesthesia may also be used. Facelift is a very individualized procedure, and Dr. Barone will conform her surgical approach to your needs. Generally, incisions will be made above the hairline at the temples, extend to the front of the ear or inside the front-ear cartilage, and continue behind the earlobe. Skin and fat will be separated from the underlying muscle. Dr. Barone will then tighten the muscles, lift the skin, and remove any excess skin. The incisions are closed, securing the layers of tissue. Depending on the extent of the procedure, facelift typically takes around two hours to complete.

A beautiful brunette woman with slicked-back hair wearing no shirt looks thoughtfully into the camera.
A facelift can reverse the telltale signs of aging, so you can once again feel confident in your appearance.

Recovery & Results

There will be some bruising and swelling after facelift, which will fade as the face heals. The head will likely be bandaged after the procedure, and will need to be kept elevated for the first few days of recovery. Pain and discomfort can be controlled with medication. Patients should avoid strenuous activities for about two weeks. Most patients who have undergone facelift can resume normal, daily activities after about 10 days. Scars will be made as discreet as possible, and can generally be hidden by the hair or in the natural creases of the ears and face. They also tend to fade significantly with time. Patients should expect the full results of facelift to be apparent after the first few weeks following the surgery.

It may not stop the clock, but the effects of facelift can last for years. Both men and women have emerged with revitalized and rejuvenated appearances thanks to this very common procedure. As facelift is a major surgical procedure, it yields some of the most significant results for reducing, even eliminating, signs of age and sun damage that occur with the passing of time.

A beautiful woman smiles with beautiful, brown eyes and hair, pink lips, and uniformly straight, white teeth.
It is important to have realistic expectations for your facelift to ensure you are satisfied with the results of treatment.

Facelift Benefits

Facelifts offer women and men the chance to achieve a younger, more refreshed appearance. Additional benefits of facelift surgery include:

  • Reversal of some effects of sun damage
  • Reduced jowls
  • A more defined neck and jaw line
  • Reduced wrinkles and lines across the face
  • Improved self-confidence

Facelift surgery is often performed in conjunction with other facial surgery such as rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery. By combining these treatments, the enhancement can be even more dramatic.

With proper skin care, the results of your facelift will look beautiful for many years. Patients will need to wear sunscreen, refrain from smoking, and keep their skin moisturized to help keep skin looking young and fresh.

When performed correctly by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Barone, a facelift will look very natural and not "overdone." Strangers should be unable to tell that you have had a facelift, instead noticing only your refreshed, rejuvenated appearance.

Facelift Risks

As with any plastic surgery, there are risks involved in a facelift, and it is important to understand them before deciding to undergo this treatment. Possible risks include:

  • Nerve damage or facial numbing
  • Excessive blood loss during surgery
  • Overly dramatic results that give patients a surprised or windswept look
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Facial pain and sensitivity

The risks involved in facelift are greatly reduced when a patient chooses a skilled surgeon with technical precision and artistic skill to perform his or her surgery. Dr. Barone has proven experience that has provided many patients with satisfying results.

Before facelift
After facelift
                        This patient achieved more defined contours after facelift surgery.

Should I Consider a Facelift?

As we age, our faces begin to change in many ways. Skin begins to sag and develop lines and wrinkles. Certain factors like sun exposure and repeated facial expressions exacerbate these changes. Facelift surgery is an innovative treatment that involves a redraping and tightening of the facial skin to create a more youthful, smooth appearance.

Most patients who undergo facelift surgery are between the ages of 40 and 60; however, people in their 70s and 80s have also had successful results with the procedure. The best candidates are those that have noticeable sagging and visible signs of aging on their face. Candidates must also have reasonably good skin elasticity and strong bone structure. Patients considering facelift should also be in good overall health, as the procedure will require significant healing and recovery time. Good candidates should also have realistic expectations for results, and understand that facelift is a cosmetic enhancement procedure; it will not restore the health and vitality of youth. Dr. Constance Barone will discuss all aspects of the procedure with you, in detail, during your initial facelift surgery consultation at our practice.

Some younger patients can address less intense signs of aging with less intensive treatments and even nonsurgical procedures. In addition to full facelift treatment, Dr. Barone offers QuickLift™, or mini facelift, as well as several injectables and dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM®.

QuickLift® Surgery Testimonial (Part 2)

This patient underwent QuickLift® Surgery and was very satisfied with the results of her treatment and her experience with Dr. Barone. 

Local and Awake Facelifts

Facelift surgery typically requires that the patient undergo general anesthesia, but at our San Antonio cosmetic surgery center in South Texas, we can perform facelifts under local anesthetic for the benefit of the patient. The use of general anesthesia is necessary in some cases, but whenever possible, Dr. Constance Barone performs local or awake surgery as she feels it is less risky and provides the patient with improved comfort. Utilizing a local anesthetic instead of general anesthesia allows the patient to recover more quickly, feel less discomfort during the recovery process, and return to daily tasks in less time after surgery. For patients who are hesitant to undergo general anesthesia but are still interested in cosmetic surgery, this technique offers a potentially ideal alternative.

A brunette woman with blue eyes

With the treatment area anesthetized so that it is insensitive to pain, Dr. Barone is able to use a variety of techniques to satisfy the patient's aesthetic goals. One popular technique is to make incisions around the ears so that any scarring is inconspicuous; once the incisions are made, Dr. Barone can remove excess skin or tissue and, using her judgment and experience, tighten the remaining skin in a manner that gives the patient a healthier, more youthful appearance.

QuickLift™: An Innovative Approach

Photo of a QuickLift patientThe QuickLift™ can erase up to 10 years or more from your appearance almost instantly. Many factors, including skin type, sun exposure and heredity all play a role in determining how long the results will last.

The QuickLift™ is a revolutionary outpatient procedure that lifts and tightens loose skin in the lower region of the face in a minimally invasive way. It offers several benefits to the right candidates, such as:

  • Natural appearance
  • Minimal Recovery
  • Lasting results

Today, it is possible to turn back the hands of time – with minimal interruption to your busy lifestyle.


QuickLift™ is a revolutionary mini facelift for women who have jowls or sagging skin along the neck and jaw. This procedure is more conservative than a full facelift but still produces dramatic results.

How Many Years Has This Procedure Been Performed?

Variations of the QuickLift™ procedure have been performed for more than 30 years; however, the QuickLift™, a modified version of today’s standard facelift, is fast becoming the state-of-the-art procedure for sagging skin of the lower face.

QuickLift™ Candidates

Most QuickLift™ patients are between 40 and 65+ years of age with moderate to extensive sagging skin in the lower portion of their faces (lower cheeks, jaw line, excess skin under the chin).

*Results, time of surgery and downtime may vary.

QuickLift Results

Before Quicklift
After Quicklift
                This patient achieved firmer, tighter skin and more defined contours.

How Is the Procedure Done?

Dr. Barone typically performs this procedure under local anesthesia.

The QuickLift™ is a minor outpatient procedure. Because this procedure is more conservative than a traditional facelift most patients experience minimal post-operative swelling, bruising and risk of complication. Steps generally include:

  • The incision is carefully hidden along the sideburn area, behind the tragus of the ear, and under and behind the earlobe.
  • The skin and the underlying soft tissues called the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, or SMAS, are tightened and the excess skin is removed.
  • Dr. Barone uses an exclusive suturing technique to reduce tension at the closure and sutures under magnifications to further minimize visible scarring.

Click on the images below to see the success patients have had with Dr. Barone and the QuickLift.

QuickLift™ Testimonials

Click here to see what Dr. Barone's patients are saying about the QuickLift™.

Quicklift testimonial

Quicklift review

Quicklift patient testimonial

Dr. Constance Barone

Dr. Constance Barone

Dr. Constance Barone in San Antonio, TX, and her team pride themselves in delivering safe, compassionate care tailored to your individual needs. She has been voted one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America and her professional affiliations include:

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

To schedule a consultation and learn more about how Dr. Barone can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, contact our office online, or call (210) 614-0400.

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