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Fat injections at our San Antonio plastic surgery practice are accomplished through fat transfer. At our cosmetic surgery center, we have helped patients throughout South Texas achieve their aesthetic goals with the help of cosmetic fat injections. The fat injection process is relatively straightforward and has a high degree of success because the donor's tissue is reused, and thus accepted back into the body. In addition, the majority of the fat that is injected stays permanently in the body, as opposed to artificial fillers which tend to be absorbed in three to nine months. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, fat injections or fat transfer may be for you. Dr. Constance Barone can place fat injections in the lips, face, buttocks, breasts, and even the hands, so please contact our plastic surgery center today to schedule a cosmetic consultation!

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Fat injections can be administered in the face, breast, hands, or buttocks to improve lost volume and enhance contours.

Cosmetic Fat Injections

Modern liposuction techniques have resulted in the safe and reliable harvesting of fat from patients, which allows cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Barone to reuse this tissue for aesthetic procedures. If you want more volume in your buttocks or are looking to smooth out and even the face or hands, cosmetic fat injections from a fat transfer may be the solution. Using a large-bore syringe or liposuction cannula, Dr. Barone can extract fat from unwanted places and then transfer it to someplace else on the body to satisfy your aesthetic goals. The more popular fat transfer procedures are:

  • Lip Injections - To add volume to the lips, one- to two-millimeter thick fat injections are worked into the upper and lower lips through small incisions on one corner of the mouth. This placement of small, thin fat strips gives the lips a plumping effect, and is more reliable and safer than injecting artificial fillers.
  • Facial Injections - Fat injections are typically transferred to the face to fill in sunken areas around the eyes, add volume to the cheeks, smooth out wrinkles in the forehead, and reduce nasolabial folds or the "laugh lines" and wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Hand Injections - Wrinkled, bony hands with deep grooves can make a person look older than he or she really is. Fat injections can smooth out any wrinkles and add subtle volume to the hands to make them appear healthier and younger. A fat transfer to the hands is also more permanent than artificial filler.
  • Buttocks Injections - Popularly referred to with the colloquial term - "Butt Injections" - fat transfer to the buttocks is an effective way of providing more shape, curve and volume to the rear end. Lines of pearl or pea-sized fat injections are placed in dozens of rows to make the transfer uniform.
  • Breast Injections - In patients where there is a suitable amount of excess fat, injections can be used to enhance the bust line as well as reconstruct deformities in the breast, such as those resulting from a mastectomy, lumpectomy, undeveloped breast or breast implant collapse. It should be noted that natural breast augmentation utilizing fat injections is not the same as breast augmentation with breast implants.
  • Cell Enriched Fat Grafts - Discuss the option of cell enriched fat grafts with Dr. Barone. It may be possible to utilize cell enriched fat grafts to improve the look of your face, hands, breasts or buttocks.

Awake Surgery

At the cosmetic surgery centers of Constance Barone, M.D., we utilize awake or local surgery techniques whenever possible, as we feel that it is both safer and more comfortable for the patient. Though some surgical procedures require the patient to undergo general anesthesia, Dr. Barone performs most cosmetic fat injections and fat transfer procedures using only local anesthetic because patients typically enjoy quicker and more comfortable recovery, are able to avoid the nausea and disorientation associated with general anesthesia, and are often able to perform simple tasks such as eating and walking in less time. We are committed to patient care at Constance Barone, M.D., and we believe that performing local or awake surgery when possible is in the patient's best interest.

Contact Our South Texas Cosmetic Surgery Centers

If you would like to schedule a cosmetic consultation in the South Texas area, we invite you to contact our San Antonio plastic surgery center today. We can help determine whether fat injections are right for your needs and explain to you the benefits and limitations of fat transfer. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Dr. Constance Barone

Dr. Constance Barone

Dr. Constance Barone in San Antonio, TX, and her team pride themselves in delivering safe, compassionate care tailored to your individual needs. She has been voted one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America and her professional affiliations include:

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

To schedule a consultation and learn more about how Dr. Barone can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, contact our office online, or call (210) 614-0400.

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