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As we age, lines and wrinkles develop on our faces from repeated facial movements and the breakdown of collagen in our skin.

These lines can make some patients look older than they are, or angry and stressed when they are not, but these changes can be minimized.

How? At the office of Dr. Constance Barone in San Antonio, TX, we proudly offer an effective injectable for wrinkles: BOTOX® Cosmetic.

What Is Botox?


Like Dysport® and XEOMIN®, BOTOX Cosmetic is an injectable that uses botulinum toxin to relax your facial muscles and reduce severe wrinkles. This nonsurgical solution can be injected preventatively before wrinkles or frown lines form, or it can be injected to minimize existing fine lines.


Understanding the Subtle Transformation Created by BOTOX

You may already know that BOTOX is a non-permanent injectable designed to relax your muscles and smooth facial lines, but you may still be wondering just how botulinum toxin injections like BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport, and XEOMIN work.

Botulinum toxin targets facial muscles beneath the skin, blocking nerve impulses. By blocking these impulses, the muscles are prevented from fully contracting, so the targeted areas stay relaxed even as a patient frowns or squints.

Without this movement, the fine lines and wrinkles in your skin fade quickly. You may even notice an improvement within four days after treatment.

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Dr. Barone Values Partnerships With Her Patients

"The best thing for the patients to understand about me would be that I truly care about what their outcome is, and allowing them to go through a process of achieving the outcome is really a process we take together. It's a walk we take together in order to achieve the end result." Dr. Barone

BOTOX Is Just One of the Procedures Featured at Our Med Spa

Thinking beyond BOTOX? From peels to dermal fillers, we can help you achieve your skincare goals. Visit our welcoming San Antonio office to learn more about your options.

Why Choose Us for BOTOX Injections?

BOTOX Delivered by the Best

BOTOX injections are administered by our highly trained estheticians, who have earned the approval of Dr. Barone. You can rest easy knowing that Dr. Barone, who was voted one of the Best Doctors in America, chose the estheticians on staff at her office.

Fitting BOTOX in Your Schedule

We know just how hectic daily life can get. That's why our San Antonio, TX, practice offers lunch hour and flexible weekday appointments. You can stop in for a quick appointment and continue with business as usual.

We Can Pair BOTOX With Skincare

In combination with your BOTOX treatment, our team can recommend a variety of creams, cleansers, and products to help you achieve radiant, youthful-looking skin. Our estheticians are available to answer any questions you may have about your BOTOX treatment and follow-up care.

Make Your Treatment Affordable Through Financing

When BOTOX is used for cosmetic purposes, insurance won't cover it, but you have other options to help make the procedure more affordable. We accept CareCredit® and Alphaeon® financing to split payments into monthly installments.

How Do BOTOX Sessions Go? Walking Through the Timeline

San Antonio, TX, patients trust in Dr. Barone to smooth drooping eyelids and relax fine lines with safe botulinum toxin application.
San Antonio, TX, patients trust in Dr. Barone to smooth drooping eyelids and relax fine lines with safe botulinum toxin application.


Though not all patients will be candidates for botulinum toxin injections, Dr. Barone can help you explore your options at our San Antonio office. She will kindly and honestly let you know which treatments are possible as you discuss your goals.


Before we administer your injections, we'll ensure the area is clean and sterile. Though botulinum toxin injections aren't painful, we may be able to apply ice or a topical anesthetic to make the process even easier for you.


Our plastic surgeon or an esthetician will gently administer your BOTOX using an ultrafine needle. Dr. Barone uses 25 units of botulinum toxin per injection session for best results.


Recovery is minimal with botulinum toxin injections. Though you may notice minor side effects like swelling or bruising for a few days after your treatment, you should be able to go back to work and resume your everyday activities immediately following your BOTOX injections.

See if You're a Candidate

Recovery Is Simple With BOTOX

There is no recovery or downtime with botulinum toxin injections. Patients can continue with their normal routines directly following treatment. In fact, you can even get BOTOX on your lunch break and easily return to work afterward.

BOTOX injections are also fairly painless. Most patients feel only mild discomfort around the injection site that subsides within a few hours. While side effects are uncommon, it can help to know what to look out for after your injections.

Mild side effects can include drooping eyelids, arched brows, or bruising upon the injection site. If you notice more advanced side effects, like less responsive muscles or trouble breathing, seek care immediately.

Ready for a New Look? Contact Us Today

If you want to reap the benefits of youthful-looking skin, we invite you to contact our doctor today. Together, we can decide if you're a good candidate for BOTOX. We want this revolutionary treatment to be available to everyone, so we have staff members who speak both English and Spanish.

"Thank you Dr. Barone for the amazing work." ​What San Antonio Has to Say About Dr. Barone


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Dr Barone has always made me feel comfortable in and out of surgery! Her staff is amazing. Thank you Dr barone for the amazing work you have done and continue to do.

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There aren’t enough words to express how incredibly pleased I am with my results. Dr. Barone is an excellent surgeon and her staff is awesome! The overall experience far exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy.

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Curious About Injectables? We Offer a Variety of Options

In addition to BOTOX, we also provide dermal fillers like BELOTERO BALANCE®, RADIESSE, and JUVÉDERM® that can be used to add dimension to your face or plump your lips. Some dermal fillers may also offer similar results to botulinum toxin treatments like BOTOX or Dysport, smoothing the fine lines across your face.

If you're not sure where to start, our friendly team is here to help. Contact our San Antonio, TX, practice to explore your injectables options.


Why Choose BOTOX Over Other Botulinum Toxin Products?

We only offer BOTOX Cosmetic at our San Antonio office. We believe in the power of BOTOX, which is why it's the only botulinum toxin we use. There are many benefits of choosing BOTOX over other neurotoxins, including:

Longest FDA Approval

BOTOX isn't the only botulinum toxin injectable on the market, but it's likely the most well-known. This is in part because of its long history. BOTOX was FDA-approved for cosmetic use in 2002, before other products, such as XEOMIN and Dysport.

Best-Selling Neurotoxin

BOTOX is manufactured and sold in 98 different countries, making it an immensely popular treatment. In the United States alone, around 100 million vials of BOTOX have been sold to customers since 2002.

Various Treatment Areas

While it's often considered safe to mix botulinum toxin treatments, we stick with BOTOX due to its versatility. BOTOX is the only neurotoxin of its kind to be FDA-approved for the treatment of forehead lines, frown lines, and crow's feet.

Frequently Asked Questions About BOTOX

How can I help ensure best results?

Patients can make the most of their BOTOX treatment by not touching their treatment site for four hours or using facials for 24 hours after their appointment. We also recommend using sunscreen daily and abiding by a skincare routine.

When does BOTOX usually show results?

BOTOX works quickly, taking full effect within a few days or weeks. These results can last from three to six months. Dr. Barone recommends regular injections at these intervals to preserve your results, depending on how long the treatment works for you.

How many units of BOTOX are used?

Dr. Barone uses 25 units of BOTOX for each session. These units can be spread across areas of concern on your face. Smaller areas, such as around the lips and eyes, will require fewer units, while larger areas, such as the forehead, will benefit from a higher unit count. Using 25 units ensures that Dr. Barone can address all areas of your skin that you want to target.

Does BOTOX hurt?

A topical anesthetic will typically be applied at the injection site for BOTOX patients. This numbs the surface of your skin, making the process of injecting the BOTOX virtually painless. Slight redness or bruising may occur after the procedure, but will disappear soon after your treatment.

"So positive and welcoming." More Reviews From Our San Antonio Patients


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So positive and welcoming to everything I wanted to have done definitely a returning customer.

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Dr. Constance Barone

Dr. Constance Barone

Dr. Constance Barone in San Antonio, TX, and her team pride themselves in delivering safe, compassionate care tailored to your individual needs. She has been voted one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America and her professional affiliations include:

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To schedule a consultation and learn more about how Dr. Barone can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, contact our office online, or call (210) 614-0400.

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"Rating our experience with a perfect score is not enough. The care and attention we received from Dr. Barone and her team was as close to perfection as one can ask for." Jacqueline W.

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