Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) Part 1


Dr. Constance Barone's patient received a TUBA breast augmentation. The patient was very pleased with her experience, including her results as well as the care and kindness of Dr. Barone's team. She would happily recommend Dr. Barone to friends considering breast augmentation.

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Dr. Barone: Transumbilical breast augmentation, also known as TUBA is placing a saline implant either above or underneath the breast tissue. This is done through a small, little belly button incision. The operation literally takes me anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. It's done under deep, local sedation, and the implant can then be placed. And what's nice about it is that the implant allows the patient to become as big or as small as they want with no scars at all on the breast. Aften: I had a breast augmentation through the TUBA procedure which means they went through the belly button. It's kind of a new age procedure, and basically what it is is it's a less invasive thing than going under the breast tissue, you know, because you're cutting so many muscles. This goes straight through the navel, and it's just a small incision about this size. That's the way that they get in without damaging your nerves and all those kinds of things that go on or that can go wrong whenever you do the traditional procedure. Dr. Barone: What's also nice about it is that when the implant goes in, I'm able to numb up that muscle and really give the patient added comfort in the postoperative period. The implants drop perfectly into position. The inframammary fold is kept intact. Because we do no actual cutting in the area, the nerve that goes to the nipple, I have yet to lose nipple sensation, and I've done over a thousand transumbilical breast augmentations. Aften: I had my procedure on a Monday. I was back at work on Wednesday, but after those two days just kind of being on bed rest, I was able to return back to my office job. I would say by the end of the week I was jogging which she told me that was okay because it helps everything kind of settle in where it's supposed to be. The physical recovery time was way faster than I ever imagined. I was very, very nervous because I had never had a procedure done before. I've never been, you know, put under before so they made sure to answer all my questions and make sure that I was comfortable with every step that was being done from the time I walked in. And they took the pictures and gave me my options until they're rolling me back into the room as I'm skitzing out. I told the doctor, "I don't know if I still want to do this or not." So they were very good at catering to me. And then, of course, they checked on me after the procedure. Every couple of hours they were calling my husband and making sure I was okay and wasn't in pain. They cared about me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Barone to any friends, family and acquaintances.

Dr. Constance Barone

Dr. Constance Barone

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"Rating our experience with a perfect score is not enough. The care and attention we received from Dr. Barone and her team was as close to perfection as one can ask for." Jacqueline W.

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